The 7.5 mm MAS mod. 1924 was a short-lived French rifle ammunition type that was introduced in the mid-1920s to replace the 8 mm Lebel. The "Lebel" round was powerful and accurate but due to its shape it was particularly poorly suited to automatic weapons with large-capacity magazines. The only weapon ever fielded in 7.5 mm MAS mod. 1924 was the fusil-mitrailleur mle 1924, an automatic rifle sharing similarities with the B.A.R. Early examples of the FM 24 proved prone to various failures; additionally, it was possible to mistake the new 7.5 x 57 mm with a German 7.92x57mm Mauser round. The new 7.5 mm round was abandoned and replaced by the 7.5x54mm MAS mod. 1929.


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