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Airwave is a private communications network for England, Scotland and Wales. It can be used by the emergency services. Airwave is based on TETRA and is operated by Guardian Digital Communications and the National Policing Improvement Agency.

It is a secure digital, encrypted network and can be used for voice and data transmission.[1]

On 2006-12-07 The Times reported that O2 was "to review the options for the business" and could be worth £2 billion.[2] On 18th April 2007 Airwave was sold to Guardian Digital Communications, a new company wholly owned by two Macquarie Bank-managed funds, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group (MCG) and Macquarie European Investment Fund II (MEIF II) for £1.9 billion.

Immediately following the announcement of the completion of the sale, the company announced the end of the final salary pension scheme for employees. [3] Additionally, The Office of Fair Trading considered referring the acquisition to the Competition Commission, but decided against it. [4]


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