Big Hazard, also known as Hazard Grande, is a Hispanic street gang located in East Los Angeles (region)|East Los Angeles. They have been dated back to the early 1950's, when the gang was first started.

Their territory is roughly a mile to half mile in diameter. Ramona Gardens, a public housing project, was allegedly used by the gang as a headquarters for drug dealing, assaults, robberies and murder. Ramona Gardens also home to the "RGBOYS" make it really hard for outsiders to roam or walk through these projects and known for robbing or jumping people who try to act tough and don't respect.

Members of Big Hazard were featured in the movie American Me. A truce was called with rival gang M.C. Force to allow director Edward James Olmos to shoot the movie on their turfs. The gang and several members were also featured in a 1994 TV documentary called Lives In Hazard, documenting gang life in East L.A. in the early 90's.

Ramona Gardens home to one of the biggest, notorious and oldest gangs in the Los Angeles area.

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