The Bing Kong Tong was one of the powerful Tong (gang)|Tongs in San Francisco's Chinatown during the early 20th century.

Known as the Bing Kong Tong Society, the organization was one of the largest in California when the Hop Sing Tong|Hop Sing and Suey Sing Tongs allied against the Bing Kongs, instigating one of the most violent of the Tong wars in the United States. As the gang war continued, the numerous murders caught the attention of the press as the often gruesome slayings were detailed. Eventually an investigation headed by Santa Rosa attorney Wallace Ware, in cooperation with the District Attorney's office, exposed the extent of the Bing Kongs influence throughout the Chinese-American populations along the west coast and southwestern United States (as far as the conviction of four members for a Tong murder in Kingman, Arizona). Weakened by the decade long war against the rival Tongs as well as state authorities, the Bing Kongs would eventually merge as a powerful trade union, under the Association; Free Masons although it is suspected by federal and local law enforcement officials to still have remaining ties to organized crime.


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