The Frederick County Sheriff's Office is the main law enforcement agency of Frederick County, Maryland.

Background Edit

Frederick County Sheriff's Office provides 24 hour service to the citizens of Frederick County, by protecting life and property, by preventing crime, by enforcing the laws, and by maintaining order for all.

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Values Edit

  • Human Life
  • Integrity
  • Laws And Constitution
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Cooperation
  • Problem Solving
  • Ourselves

Divisions Edit

Law Enforcement Bureau Edit

Operations Division Edit

  • Patrol Operations: Which includes the Patrol, K-9 Unit, Traffic Unit, Community Deputies, Honor Guard sections
  • Special Operations: Which includes the Criminal Investigations, Gaming, Juvenile Specialist, Pawn Unit, Special Assignment Section,Task Force, Evidence Custodian, Crime Analysis, Special Services Team
  • Judicial Operations: Which includes the Civil Process Unit, Child Support, Court Security, Alarms/Permits Unit

Administrative Services Division Edit

  • Training Services: Which includes the In-Service Training, Police Academy Training, Field Training, Intern Program, Citizens Police Academy, Community Assistance Patrol Academy sections
  • Personnel Services: Which includes the Background/Recruiting, Polygraph, Accreditation sections
  • Fiscal Services: Which includes the Budget Development and Management, Planning & Research, Grants, Capital Improvement Projects, Purchasing, Quartermaster, Agency Property Management, Billing Coordination sections
  • Support Services: Which includes the Police Information Specialist, Records Section, Fleet Management, Building Management, Victim Services, School Resource Section, Community Services Section, Crime Prevention, Youth Services, Crossing Guards, Reserve Deputies and Volunteer sections

Main Office Edit

110 Airport Drive East, Frederick, MD 21701

Accreditation Edit

  • Commission on Accreditation (CAC)American Correctional Association
  • Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA)
  • National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC)

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