Gangs in Canada are present in several of Canada's major cities, and also in some smaller centres. Many gangs cut across cities, including ethnic gangs that recuit among a certain group. For instance, all major cities in the Prairie provinces have native gangs linked to First Nations communities<ref>First Nations Drum - Crime Gangs. Retrieved on 2008-01-21.</ref>


The John Howard Society's 2001 report indentified the following types of gangs present in Alberta:<ref>John Howard Society of Alberta 2001 Report. Retrieved on 2008-01-21.</ref>

  • Asian gangs (Triads, etc.)
  • Aboriginal people in Canada|Aboriginal gangs (Indian Posse, etc.)
  • Jamaican gangs in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton Shower Posse)
  • African Canadian gangs in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton)
  • Haitian gangs in Montreal and Ottawa)
  • Motorcycle club|Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
  • Traditional gangs (Montreal mafia, etc.)
  • Racist and Hate Groups
  • Eastern European organized crime (Russian mafia, etc.)

In general, gangs in Canada are smaller and more diverse than in the United States, lists 108 street gangs for the Prairie region alone.<ref> - Prairie Region. Retrieved on 2008-01-21.</ref>

By cityEdit


Crazy Dragons have surpassed Hells Angels as the top gang in Alberta. The Crazy Dragons are primarily Asian based with many white members as well. They originate out of Edmonton but have cells throughout Alberta. Crazy Dragons have been linked to supplying Calgary's Asian gangs with guns.<ref>Calgary Herald. Retrieved on 2008-01-21.</ref>


The Hells Angels, a motorcycle club based in Montreal has numerous members arrested with quantities of drugs, firearms and homicide charges. The Angels fought a war with the Rock Machine and the Bandidos.


Adult gangs in Saskatchewan include the Native Syndicate, Indian Posse, Redd Alert, Saskatchewan Warriors, Crazy Cree, Mixed Blood, Tribal Brotherz, and West Side Soldiers<ref name="csis">Criminal Intelligence Service Saskatchewan (2005). 2005 Intelligence Trends: Aboriginal-based Gangs in Saskatchewan. government of Canada. Retrieved on 06-04-2008.</ref><ref> Native Syndicate. (2007-01-21). Retrieved on 2008-01-21.</ref>in Regina and Saskatoon. There is also a branch of the Hell's Angels in the province. Youth gangs include Crips, Junior Mixed Blood, Indian Mafia Crips, and North Central Rough Riderz. <ref name=csis/> Saskatchewan had the highest concentration of gang membership at 1.34 per 1000 in 2002 <ref name=csis/>


There has been a recent surge in gun violence in the greater Toronto area, with a sharp increase in 2004. The most notable incident was the Boxing Day shooting, resulting in the death of 15-year-old bystander Jane Creba on December 26 2005 on Yonge Street. The incident was a shootout between rival gangs. <ref> T.O. police charge 8 in Creba shooting death. (2006-06-13). Retrieved on 2007-12-25.</ref> Notable gangs in Toronto include the Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown|Jamestown Crips, Chase Maracle's King St. West Crips and Chase Maracle's Red Skinned Army, <ref> Police Display Weapons Seized In Gang Raids. (2006-09-19). Retrieved on 2007-12-31.</ref> Ardwick Blood Crew, <ref> Ardwick flickers, then burns out. (2005-09-16). Retrieved on 2007-12-31.</ref> and the Malvern Crew.<ref> Toronto police arrest 65 alleged gang members. (2004-13-05). Retrieved on 2007-12-31.</ref>


In Vancouver, there are Triad society|Chinese Triad mafias and eastern European mafias established in the lower mainland. There is a strong demand for drugs in the greater Vancouver area, with micro gangs supplying products. Some of the most notable gangs are the United Nations and Big Circle, which are believed to be at war. Among increased gang activity in Vancouver, the Independent Soldiers have gained prominence among the streets, the gang is mostly headed by East Indian Gangsters<ref>Vancouver Sun- Cash flies as rival gangs battle it out in a BC mall. Retrieved on 2008-01-16.</ref>


There is a notable gang called the Mad Kowz that recruits from African nationalities. They have a split called African Mafia. There are aboriginal gangs like Indian Posse, FRB, Ruthless posse, Native Syndicate, and Deuce. There are also multi-racial gangs like the notorious North Side Bloods, West Side Crips and the Zig Zags. A mostly white gang that is prevelant in the Fort Rouge, Fort Garry and Central areas and is known for large drug and violent crimes.

The earliest known Winnipeg street gang was the Rattlers (~1980-87) which seemed to disband when the West End Boys (AKA The WEB) were on the rise. Other defunct or low-lying street gangs in Winnipeg were The Hoods and A3K, which was apparently affiliated with BC's F&C (Flips & Chinks).


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