The Hip Sing Tong (now known as the Hip Sing Association) was a Chinese-American criminal organization based in New York's Chinatown during the early 20th century. They, along with their rivals the Four Brothers (tong)|Four Brothers and the On Leong Tong, would be involved in the violent Tong wars for control of Chinatown during early 1900s. During the 1930s and 40s, the Hip Sings were involved in drug trafficking operations with the Kuomintang (KMT) and later the OPC. They would later establish chapters in Chinese-American communities throughout the United States in major cities such as Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco (the later being subject to a major drug raid by authorities in 1996).

Branches Edit

The Hip Sing Association has several branches in the United States including in:

  • Chicago, Illinois - Located at 1121 W. Argyle Street
  • Doraville, Georgia - Located at 5799 New Peachtree Road
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota - Located at 2633 Nicollet Avenue
  • New York City, New York - Located at 15 Pell Street
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Located at 938 Race Street
  • San Francisco, California - Located at 761 Clay Street

Further readingEdit

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