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Name JaTiMatic
Type Submachine gun
Place of origin Flag of Finland Finland
Service history
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Production history
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Designed 1982–1983
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Produced 1983–1986, GG 1996–?
Weight 1.65 kg
Length 375 mm
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Barrel length 203 mm
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Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Blowback, open bolt
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JaTiMatic is a submachine gun that was designed by Jali Timari and manufactured at Tampereen Asepaja Oy, Tampere, Finland, from 1983 to 1986. Only about 400 weapons were manufactured. It was never adopted as a service weapon by the Finnish Defence Forces, although the later GG-95 PDW version was tested by the FDF in the 1990s; the conclusion of the tests was that the GG-95 was not suitable as a service weapon.

In 1995 the JatiMatic briefly appeared again, under the name of GG-95 PDW from the Finnish company Oy Golden Gun Ltd. Some of its design flaws were corrected, but very few weapons were manufactured by the new company.

JatiMatic is a blowback operated, progressive trigger submachine gun. The bolt recoils up an inclined plane at angle to the barrel, giving an element of braking to the bolt, and also resisting the upward movement of the barrel during fire. The pistol grip is located higher than on many other submachine guns, giving better control over the recoil. JatiMatic has no buttstock and has a folding forward grip, which also acts as a cocking handle when opened. The receiver is made from (somewhat flimsy) pressed steel with a hinged cover. The selection of the fire mode (single shot or fully automatic) can be done with different trigger pulls—a short pull produces single shots, while a long pull produces full auto fire.

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