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Name Techno Arms MAG-7
Image 300px
Type pump-action shotgun
Place of origin South Africa
Service history
In service
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Production history
Designed 1995–1996
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Variants MAG-7
Weight 4 kg (8.2 lb)
Length 550 mm (21.6 in)
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Barrel length 320 mm (12.6 in)
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Cartridge 12 gauge x 60 mm cartridges
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Action pump-action
Muzzle velocity
Effective range ~ 40 m (~ 45 yards)
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The MAG-7 is a pump-action shotgun that was manufactured by Techno Arms PTY of South Africa from 1995 through 1996.

History and designEdit

The MAG-7 was developed as a close quarters combat weapon, which would combine the aspects of a compact submachine gun and a pump shotgun. The design incorporates a 5 round box magazine that is placed within the pistol grip. This, along with the research showing that standard 12 gauge cartridges provide more than adequate stopping power at the close ranges for which the weapon was designed, led to the use of a special 12 gauge cartridge measuring 2.36 inch (60 mm) in length. The use of the MAG-7 with these cartridges yields an effective range of 45 yards (41.1 m), although they have a proven lethality to 90 yards (82 m) [1]. The MAG-7 also has a detachable, top-folding stock.

There were two models that were manufactured—the original MAG-7, and a US civilian-legal model called the MAG-7M1 which features a longer barrel and fixed wooden stock to comply with the NFA's requirement of a barrel length of 18 inches (457 mm) or more and an overall length of 26 inches (660 mm) or more. In this non-NFA configuration, the original concept of the weapon is defeated.


Although the design concept was geared towards law enforcement and military close quarters combat scenarios, there was inadequate demand for the weapon due to some problematic design issues. One such design feature was safety lever on the left side of the stamped steel receiver, above the pistol grip. The actuation of this lever is not possible without removing the left arm from the pump, and is difficult if the operator is wearing gloves. The same problem exists for the slide lock button. Some regard these as safety features, saying that the risk of negligent discharge is reduced, but both defeat the purpose of "off-hand" firing. Another issue that plagued the MAG-7 was the 17 pound-force (7.7 kgf, 76 N)) single-stage trigger pull which caused accuracy to suffer [2] and made snapshooting more difficult as well.

Proprietary ammunitionEdit

The original 12 gauge x 60 mm cartridges are difficult to obtain, however Aguila Ammunition Company of Mexico's "Mini-Shells" function properly with the MAG-7. Standard 12 gauge cartridges can also be modified to comply with the 60 mm chamber requirement.

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