The MP35 (German maschinenpistole 1935) was a submachine gun used by the German Army and police before World War II. It was developed in the early 1930's by Emil Bergmann from the German gun company Bergmann that built the first submachine gun, the Bergmann MP18. It was first known as the MP 32 when adopted as such by the Danish Army in caliber 9x23mm Bergmann then as the MP 34 when it was adopted by the Belgian Army as Mitraillette 34. It is not the Steyr MP 34, a totally different weapon. It was adopted officially as MP 35 by the nascent Wehrmacht.

The MP35 was produced in a short model (weight 4.2 kilograms, length 850 millimeters) and a long model (weight 4.5 kg, length 950 mm). Both had a cyclic rate of fire of 700 shots per minute and were select fire weapons capable of single shot and fully automatic.

The MP35 used the German m/08 cartridge in 9 mm Luger. Its 32-round box magazine was inserted horizontally from the right of the receiver.

In 1938 the MP35 was modified as the MP35/1.

In 1939 MP35s were purchased by Ethiopia and Swedish army, where it was known as the M/39. Except the pre serial production, Bergmann did not produce itself his SMG after WW1 but licensed other manufacturers, SIG for the MP 18 (SIG Bergmann 1920) Carl Walther, Schulz & Larsen, Etablissements Pieper/ Bayard, Junker & Ruh for the MP32, MP 34, MP 35 and MP 35/1.

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