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Name Norinco HP9-1
Image Norinco HP9-1
Norinco HP9-1
Type Shotgun
Place of origin Flag of the People's Republic of China China
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Service history
In service present
Used by China
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Production history
Designer Norinco
Manufacturer Norinco
Length 34.5 inches (876 mm)
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Barrel length 14 inches (356 mm)
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Cartridge 12 gauge
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Action pump-action
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The Norinco HP9-1, also known as the Norinco N870-14.00, is a short-barreled pump action shotgun made by Norinco of China. This firearm has a 14 inch (36 cm) barrel, making it especially lightweight and handy. It is a close copy of the Remington 870, a respected and widely-distributed design no longer under patent protection, and most parts interchange freely. Both inexpensive and of good quality it's compact dimensions and practical, rust-resistant, parkerized finish have made it an attractive choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts (such as hikers, boaters, kayakers, and campers), field professionals (such as biologists, geologists, teamsters, guards, and other professional drivers), recreational shooters, families, and many others wanting a convenient, affordable, reliable, easy-care shotgun at hand for survival, hunting, humane euthanasia of injured wildlife, and protection from dangerous animals (such as grizzly bears and dangerous dogs).[1]

In the newsEdit

An HP9-1 was allegedly carried, but never fired, by the lone murderous assailant during the Montreal, Canada, Dawson College shooting. Another firearm was used in the incident. Police reported that the firearms had been obtained lawfully, and this detail garnered much press attention.[2].


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