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Name Pindad SS2-V1
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
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Service history
In service 2006-Present
Used by Indonesian Armed Forces, Indonesian Republic National Police (POLRI)
Production history
Designer PT Pindad
Manufacturer PT Pindad
Produced 2006 - Present
Variants See Variants
Weight 3.4 kg (With empty magazine)
Length 990 (With buttstock extended)
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Height {{{height}}}
Barrel length 740 (With buttstock retracted)
Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-Operated, rotating bolt
Muzzle velocity
Effective range
Maximum range 500 m
Other identifying characteristics
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The SS2 (short for Indonesian: Senapan Serbu 2, "Assault Rifle 2") is an updated version of the Pindad SS1 created by PT Pindad. It had been seen during the ASEAN Army Rifles contest by foreign media in 2006[1] aside from exposure by local Indonesian media.

Service UseEdit

Aside from its use by various Indonesian security forces after the Indonesian Army placed an order of 15,000 SS2s to replace their stock of SS1s back in 2005[2][3], Bangladesh has expressed some interests in acquiring the SS2 after a delegation had visited the PT Pindad office and its facilities in Indonesia.[4]


  • SS2-V1
A new rifle based on the SS1, being replaced in the Indonesian military after tests had been conducted from 2003-2005. It has been adopted by Indonesian security forces in 2006[5]. Has a carrying handle that can be replaced with a scope for scope mounting on a Picatinny rail and a collapsible stock.
  • SS2-V2
A carbine version of the SS2-V1.
  • SS2-V4
Carrying handle replaced with a Picatinny rail for scope mounting as a sniper rifle.


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This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors). Smallwikipedialogo.png

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