RT-20 is an acronym of the Croatian word Ručni Top 20 ("Hand Cannon, 20mm"). It is an anti-material and anti-armor sniper rifle developed in Croatia in the 1990s. It is a bolt-action rifle that fires 20mm rounds.

It is important to note the maximum effective range depends on the nature of the target.


  • Caliber: 20x110mm Hispano
  • Operation: manual operated, bolt-action
  • Barrel: 920 mm
  • Weight: 19.2 kg with scope and bipod
  • Length: 1330 mm
  • Feed Mechanism: single shot, manual loading
  • Maximum effective range: about 1800 meters

A unique feature of the weapon is the counter-recoil reactive tube above the barrel. This tube funnels gasses from the cartidge out the back end, similar to that of a recoilless rifle or rocket launcher. The blast from this porta-cannon is powerful enough to tear off a shooters backpack or at least set it on fire. The Hispanio cannon round can disable tanks at extreme range.

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