The Remington Model 31 was a slide-action shotgun that competed with the Winchester Model 1912 for the American sporting arms market. Produced from 1931 to 1949, it was replaced by the less expensive Remington 870.


While the Remington model 17 enjoyed some success, a solid, 12 gauge featuring side-ejection was needed to compete with Winchester. C.C. Loomis sized up the model 17 and adapted it for side ejection. The model 31 was Remington's first side ejecting pump action shotgun. Stocks were walnut with checkered walnut forend and later changed to a ribbed forend. The Model 31 was made in 3 gauges with 121,000 12 gauge models made and 75,000 16 and 20 gauge examples also produced. Despite being well received, sales still lagged far behind the Winchester. Remington went back to the drawing board and designed the model 870; this shotgun would matched the durability of the Model 12 at a dramatically lower cost.

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