Swiss Arms AG is a Swiss manufacturer of small arms. It was known as SIG Arms AG before 2000 when it was acquired by German investors from parent company Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG).

Their products are imported into the United States of America by SIGARMS, a relationship that dates back to 1985.


  • Vetterli bolt-action rifle. Also exported to Italy.
  • Schmidt-Rubin 1889 straight pull bolt action rifle. Chambered in 7.5X53.5 Swiss.
  • Schmidt-Rubin 1911 straight pull bolt action rifle. Chambered for the revamped 7.5X53.5 Swiss. The case was lengthened to 55mm. This new load became the 7.5X55 Swiss. The new load used a modern spitzer bullet and more modern smokeless powders and produces a much higher velocity and pressure than the older 7.5X53.5mm load. 7.5X55mm should never be fired in the 1889 series Schmidt-Rubin.
  • Schmidt-Rubin K-31 straight pull bolt action rifle. Chambered for 7.5X55mm Swiss.
  • SIG 510 battle rifle. Also exported to Bolivia and Chile.
  • SIG 550 line of assault rifles (also includes SIG 551 and SIG 552). Also exported to Chile, France, Indonesia, Spain, and the United States.
General Purpose Machine Guns
  • MG 50, rejected by the Swiss Army in favor of the Waffenfabrik Bern MG 51. Exported to Denmark as the M/51.
  • MG 710, Swiss derivative of German MG42, Sometimes known as MG55. Not adopted by the Swiss Army, but exported to Bolivia, Brunei, and Chile.
Grenade launchers

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