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In California, Washington, Massachusettes, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire,Rhode Island, Minnesota, Tennesee, Hawaii
Founded&nbsp;by </includeonly>
Years active </includeonly>
Territory </includeonly>
Ethnicity Cambodian, Laos, Filipino , etc
Membership 15000, believed to be the largest Asian Street Gang
Criminal activities drug trafficking, murders, attempted murders, murders, robberies, others<!--You add the rest or edit as needed -->
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Rivals </includeonly>

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The "Tiny Raskal Gang", (also known as "TRG" or 7126 the 7 looks like a T and the 12 looks like an R and the 6 a G) is the largest Asian American street gang in the United States. The gang originated among Cambodian refugees living in Long Beach. It emerged in the 1980s after a massive wave of Cambodian refugees entered the United States fleeing Cambodia's violent Khmer Rouge insurgency. For the Cambodians, living in America turned out to be as hard as arriving there. Because of the way they spoke and looked, young Cambodian kids faced discrimination from the Latino community. The gang became an official gang in 1989 when a carload of TRGs pulled up and opened fire at the East Side Longo Gang and killed an ESL member. A war was started between the two but in the end the East Side Longo Gang had lost alot more members and after that they fled to other Latino gangs for support.

The Tiny Raskals has since spread throughout the United States. And has been labled as the Largest Most dangerous Asian Street Gang in America. Tiny Raskals have also allied with the Wah Ching XXIII gang a deadly and feared Triad based gang orginally from Chinatown San Francisco. The Tiny Raskal Gang has also formed strong rivalries with the Asian Boyz(ABZ) Crip gang and the Vietnamese Boyz(VBZ) gang.

The gang now allows non-Cambodians to join. The gang primarily consists of cambodian and laotian members, but in recent years they have allowed non Cambodian Asians to join. The age of a TRG member can range from 8 to 50. Gang membership is predominantly male, but women may join as well the Lady Raskal Gang or LRG. Since the original Long Beach set started TRG has spread through many cities of California including Pomona ,West Covina ,Stockton ,Fresno ,Los Angeles and many more.

Raskals can be identifed by grey dickies, grey shirts, raiders jerseys, or tatoos with the letters TRG in old english script. Raskal rep <B>GREY.</B>

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