The Type 79 is the first generation indigenous submachine gun equipped by the Chinese military, security, and police services. The submachine gun was type classified in 1979 and entered mass production in 1983.

1979 - 7.62 mm "Type 79 submachine gun". The Design type of Type-79 submachine gun was completed in 1979. The production model was completed in 1983. From the 1981 pilot production, the total production of 79 was nearly 200,000 until 1992. The highest year of production was in 1988-1991. During that period, Type-79 was produced more than 30,000 per year. General firearms developmental period is 5-7 years, the main development staff are 4-10 peoples. The developmental period of 79 submachine gun was up to 15 years, the joined staffs over 70 peoples

The Type 79 is widely equipped by the PLAAF, scout and special operation units, as well as the People's Armed Police (PAP) and the Police Services.

The Type 79 fires 7.62 mm steel-cored pistol bullets in either the automatic or semiautomatic mode. The gun is recoil operated, with a foldable butt stock. The basic configuration of this submachine gun makes for an ideal size, weight, and capable (in terms of accuracy, lethality, reliability, etc.) close quarters battle (CQB) weapon. It accepts a 20-round magazine and has an effective range of 200 m.

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