Valmet (originally Valtion Metallitehtaat - State Metalworks) was formed in 1951, when the state of Finland decided to group their various factories working on war reparations to the Soviet Union under one company. Valmet and the factories fused with it produce a wide array of products including aeroplanes, auto- and locomotives, weapons manufacturing and everyday household appliances. Numerous parts of the company have since been sold or merged with other companies specializing in their own fields of trade and manufacture. Valmet itself is now a brand of Metso corporation.

Valmet AutomotiveEdit

Valmet Automotive is a mechanical production company in Uusikaupunki, Finland, producing automobiles and vehicles for other manufacturers, including:

The automobile production company was founded in 1968.

Tractors Edit

File:Valmet 605.jpg

Tractors have been produced by Valmet, both in Brazil and Finland. The brand name now in use is Valtra. The tractor business, though still located in Finland, is owned by AGCO.

Weapons Edit

The firearms most notably developed by Valmet include the Rk 62 and M82. A line of military trainer aircraft for the Finnish Air Force developed and manufactured by Valmet include the L-70 Vinka and L-90 Redigo.

Paper mills Edit

Other notable products are paper mill machinery and process control equipment. Valtion tykkitehdas produced artillery pieces for the Finnish Army along with Tampella AB industries. After World War II production switched to paper mills.

Shipyards Edit

Valmet dockyards were merged with Wärtsilä yards to form Wärtsilä marine. After the bankruptcy the company re-emerged as Aker Finnyards Masa Yards.

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