Wo Hop To (和合桃) is Triad society|Triad group based in Wanchai, Hong Kong. They are one of the "Four Major Gangs" (四大黑幫) of Hong Kong, the others being Wo Shing Wo, 14K and Sun Yee On. According to [1], Wo Hop To specializes in protection rackets. They're affiliated with the Sun Yee On (新義安) Triad society|Triad.

During the early 90's, Wo Hop To expanded into San Francisco, United States. The US Wo Hop To was led by Peter Chong (莊炳強)also known as Uncle Chong and Raymond Kwok Chow|Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow (周國祥) who was a former Hop Sing Boys gang member. The Wo Hop To wanted to control all the Asian gangs in San Francisco. Wo Hop To chased the Wah Ching gang out of the Bay Area and the Wah Ching headed to Southern California. The notorious Jackson Street Boys are one of its offshoots in the local area.

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